January 30, 2011

Inside the Courthouse

I was working inside this weekend and decided to take a break and take some photos of the historic Chaves County Courthouse.

In 1911, Chaves County officials hired the Rapp brothers, architects from Trinidad, Colorado, who had recently completed the National Guard Armory and the master plan for the buildings and campus of NMMI, to design a new Courthouse, this current one.

Word is, the people of Chaves County spared no expense on their Courthouse because statehood was fast approaching and they knew the Federal Government would take over all county financial obligations as soon as New Mexico became a state. Therefore, their fancy new Courthouse would cost the people of Chaves County nothing!

Today, the Juvenile Detention Center remains but the Chaves County Jail and Annex at the rear of the Courthouse were demolished in 1996 when a new Chaves County Detention Center (at East Brasher Road and South Atkinson Avenue) was completed.

The front half of the Courthouse today is the same one completed in 1912. The back half of the current Courthouse was added in matching style in 2004. This enlarged building holds a total of nine courtrooms for District and Magistrate Courts, as well as various county offices—and some of the nicest public restrooms in Roswell.

The District Attorney’s Office occupies the basement, where some have claimed to hear the ghostly laughter of children playing.

Information scource: http://www.cleananpress.com/roswell/maincentral.htm

By Kole~Slaw 

January 29, 2011

Tea time!


I love this little shop in Ruidoso, NM! You can pick which loose leaf teas you want straight off the shelf. No box or packaged teas here. 

And the fudge is heavenly!!! All homemade.


By Kole~Slaw

January 25, 2011

The beauty of faith

 A temple of faith to those who believe.

So long ago the built these temples with such beauty and complexity.

Now days those things have become so simple its almost boring.
Straight lines and plain shapes.

baby its cold outside

                             the snow starts to fall after a few days of rest. The slush that was left is melted and gone.
Its only been going for a little while and already their is so much

One of my favorite things about when it snows it how it piles on the tree branches.

and of course watching the snowflakes fall.

Its almost like a graceful dancer floating acrossed a stage.

As it lays undisturbed on the ground it looks like a fluffy cottony blanket of white.

January 23, 2011

Weekend away

Walking out to the Inn's main lobby and being greeted with this wonderful sight made my day.


Seeing the Spirit Dancers covered in snow gives a moments pause 

to just stop and enjoy the scene in front of you.

From a distance its hard to believe my time here is over. 

But once I turn around and see my love in his car I can't wait to get in.

By Kole~Slaw 

January 19, 2011

tickity tock

So here i am... i feel like time just goes by and everything just keeps going but i am staying where i am. Round and round the hands on the clock go.  I know this picture is just a simple choice but it is how i have felt lately. i feel like i am falling behind. Lost on the face of this clock. I am constantly looking at this clock wondering what will be next and why i feel like i am getting no where.

January 14, 2011

Hidden in farmland

On the Northeast side of my small little town there is the remarkable stone structure that can be seen from the side of the road.

Though if you get close to the driveway of this property you are greeted with a giant yellow sign stating that there is no trespassing what so ever. 

I've heard that unless you are a close person friend of the residents there is no way you are getting onto the property.  

Which is unfortunate because this is a sight to see. Only the birds and sheep are allowed up close.

On the other side of the property they have a magnificent lighthouse onto of their house.

By Kole~Slaw 

January 12, 2011

The people in the cold

As the snowflakes fall around us all the way
 I wonder if it can get any colder then today.
Will the sun peek through the clouds? And make the cold go away?

The warmth must want to stay. Can i handle this another day?
As the sun appears the snow melts, but it doesnt get warm enough to melt completely.
As the water drips it freezes again. Leaving a dagger hanging from everything.

Drip Drip Drip and then the freeze.
Will i ever feel the warmth again?

January 6, 2011

My Kilala

What is must be like to be only 4 inches off the ground and stretched out like a slinky. You growl must be ferocious to get any kind of respect. After all you will be looked down upon all your life.

And be force to look up to everyone and just about everything. But you do it with pride in that long nose and droopy ears.

But always sweet and polite when wanting attention. You stretch your paws out and rest your head trying to look as cute as you can. Knowing full well that it will work.

With understanding eyes and a life long loving heart you will be here for me no matter what. Even though your only 4 inches off of the floor.


By Kole~Slaw