March 21, 2011

Fun times... Fun times....

So Friday I got to be on the safe end of an OC certification training. And what fun it was. I did get some residual OC on me but not nearly as bad as these two officers. 

Beautiful Rainbows

Beautiful Rainbows up in the sky
Colors so vibrant i might have to close my eyes.
red orange yellow green blue
painted to make a beautiful hue.
Beautiful Rainbow not in the sky for long
i love to watch you until you are gone.

March 15, 2011

Bigger babies!!

So the babies have molted and are venturing off of the mamas back. Soon they'll be ready to sale!

March 8, 2011

I Want Candy!!!

Candy Land

Candy land Candy land,
chocolate sand,
Candy land, Candy land,

let me hold your sugary hand.
Candy land, Candy Land,
the sweetest
land there is.

Ivan Ramirez N

Found this poem on thought it fit for these photos.

To be a kid again....

The joy a child has with that rush of air... speeding down a hill of snow.
These are two of my boys and the pictures turned out awesome!

trying to look at things differently!

So i read a post my wonderful partner in crime poste and i am trying to look at things a little differently to give a new point of view to my photos. In the sedond picture snow actually fell on my head... my kids thought it was hilarious. If you look closely you can see the blurs of it coming at me.

March 7, 2011

The wheels on the bus go round and round.....

 Round and.... Well not any more for this old bus.

 It's now an abandoned piece of metal that has been tagged up and broken into. 

Across the street from a high school and next to an apartment complex sits an urban work of art.

By Kole~Slaw

March 2, 2011

home of the free because of the brave

i know this picture is just simple
but it means so much to so many people. i just happened to catch this picture as we were driving by it. i love it! what do you think?

something old and blue!

there is just something about a classic old car... The beauty and simplicity of it is amazing.