February 27, 2011

Mazel tov!!

 Our little lady had babies the other day. Here are a few shots of the new babies and mama.

Oh so cute!! 

So many mouths to feed!! 

They are are doing well so far. 

(They will be up for sale as soon as they are ready. If interested please feel free to contact me.)

By Kole~Slaw

February 21, 2011

Lets get froggy

Under the Sea!

Clines Corners, New Mexico

Stopping in Clines Corner in New Mexico on my way home this weekend I was pleased to see that their smelly half way broken bathrooms had not only been moved to the other side of the store (with the remolding)  but they gave them a good looking 50's style make over. 

Even the entrance/exit is eye catching with a curved  glass brick wall.

My kudos to you Cliens Corners gift shop!!

By Kole~Slaw

February 18, 2011

sorry im sooo off...(Summer)

Ok so i am the other half of this  blog here in Utah. I have been really sick and havent done much of anything except rest and try to get better... I will try and catch up on posting some new pictures as soon as i can. Got a new camera coming in the mail should be here in a week or so... cant wait. So again sorry i have fallen behind... will catch up as soon as i can stop coughing... i keep blurring whatever pictures i take.

Stuck in the office....

So once again I'm stuck in the office. With my head on the desk I saw my keyboard and thought to myself, self that looks kind of cool. So out pops my camera phone and click. Keyboard photo!

By Kole~Slaw

February 13, 2011

My side view

 I've developed this odd little fascination with taking picture of the background using my side mirror of the vehicle that I am driving. The first three are taken from the camera on my cell and the last is from my Nikon. 


By Kolw~Slaw